About Us


The Farm

Located on 64 acres of mixed woodlands and pasture in Weathersfield, Vermont, the team at Three Square Farm focuses on producing quality grass-fed meats and hay. We believe in farming in the least extractive way possible, in learning from natural systems to produce food in a way that benefits the soil and watershed, and making a happy and healthy life for us and our animals.

Our Practices

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The Team

Toby & Melissa met  in 2017, and bonded immediately over their shared passion for farms, food, animals and all things agriculture.  The name “Three Square Farm” comes from the rural road in central Virginia where they first began to plot their future farm adventures. 

Toby comes from a background of agriculture and construction. His grandparents owned and operated a farm in Tennessee where he learned his hard working values and what it meant to run day to day farming. Toby has also had his hands in many other farm practices including hay and grains.  He had a long career in construction starting in earth moving and ending in underground utilities. He now starts the career he has always wanted to work in and his passion for proper animal raising and land management is what drives him.

Toby in the past

Toby in the present

Melissa grew up in western Massachusetts, and describes herself as your typical horse girl with a longstanding obsession with all things farm.  


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