Improvements and changes

This winter we had LongView Forestry come in and clear 13 acres in our back woods to expand our grazing and hay fields at our property.

Melissa and I are looking into adding an array or nut trees and other species to build a silvopasture environment for our animals and also the wild life to create a strong natural environment.

While they were here they also dropped the area where the future barn will be and cleaned out the pines from in front the house to improve the view.

Future grazing updates

With fertilizer prices on the increase Melissa has done a great job in expanding our grazing systems for our sheep this year.  She applied to a couple grants to help build our equipment and fencing needs and if all works out our sheep will be happily be grazing our neighboring acres clearing out under brush and helping build organic matter in the soil.


This year we will be continuing our chicken enterprise and looking to have a total of 400 birds processed by us at our farm. a few changes will be made to the productivity of our setup but we will have frozen whole chickens available at the farm and heartland market this year. Possibly other markets!!!!