Currently Offering 


Duck & Chicken

Our layers have either fresh pasture or let themselves out to free range. They’ve turned their noses up at our attempts to feed organic grain, so currently eat a conventional all-flock pellet because they like it and we decided to stop arguing with them. 

Grass-fed Lamb  – available fall 2021, by the whole or half share. Contact us to reserve yours!


Whole Chickens

Pasture raised, (mostly) organic/non-GMO fed. Processed at home under exemption, allowing us to avoid stressing them with travel to a processing facility. 


Available late summer/early fall 2021. Lean white meat with delicious flavor, rabbit is a healthy choice both for humans and the planet!


Horse quality square bales available early summer 2021. We believe in returning fertility to the hay fields we steward and fertilize using low nitrogen fish manure to build soil quality. Toby plans to re-seed this fall to improve the quality and diversity of forage.